My travels these last few years.


5 thoughts on “wanderlust: a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

  1. Great travel documentation . . the final 2 words I can understand you may wish to make an impersonal place or address. As I read the geographical list and dates I remarked to myself, wow, Hawaii is a place, California is a place and The Womb is a place, we all came from The Womb. What makes The Womb different from all the places listed . . none of us can ever say a comment of ownership about the places named, but of The Womb you can. My Mothers Womb, though other children may have come to the earth through Your Mother’s Womb, it is still Your Mother’s Womb.


    1. The idea of “The Womb” is to show what these places in my life journey mean to me. Anywhere I am, I believe I am home.


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