Addicted to little red berries

“We must give up many things to which we are addicted, considering them to be good. Otherwise, courage will vanish, which should continually test itself. Greatness of soul will be lost, which can’t stand out unless it disdains as petty what the mob regards as most desirable.”
 — Seneca, MORAL LETTERS, 74.12b-13
I’m addicted to these little red berries that pop up on my phone’s screen. Each of them vie for my attention like little red doors with a wonderful prize behind them.
Who sent me a message?
Who wants my friendship in their life?
What new update does that game I never got around to delete have?

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If You Practice this One Skill Everyday, You will Always Win

“The proper work of the mind is the exercise of choice, refusal, yearning, repulsion, preparation, purpose, and assent. What then can pollute and clog the mind’s proper functioning? Nothing but its own corrupt decisions”

— Epictetus, Discources, 4.11.6-7

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Twelve Months of Amazing

HAPPY New Year!

In this post you’ll guarantee yourself a great year by learning:

  • How to make  at least 4 whole months of your year guaranteed to be AMAZING automatically with no planning!
  • How to dominate the remaining 8 months and milk the opportunity to grow, be valuable, and enjoy not only the process, but also the luxuries that life has to offer.
  • How we’ll come up with a game plan to say we’ll do something and see it done effortlessly by the time next year’s fireworks start to light the sky up again.

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