My Christmas Wishlist 2018


Dear Santa,

My list is short and simple, but if it doesn’t give you all the information you need, just ask.

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Rationalizing Rationalization (Part 1)

I’ve noticed how adept people are at coming up with a way to explain away something, to give reason and meaning to something, to justify something, or to simply give an excuse. It doesn’t take much effort to become skillful at the art of rationalization, which is why it’s easy to be deceived by how the explanations we hold in our mind “make sense”. We then adopt the explanation as a belief because we allow them to slip by our critical eye… then we fail to see how maladaptive they are because it isn’t apparent how those beliefs affect the decisions we make.

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Dreams of Dreams

I love dreaming. Especially when the dream is so intense that there are residual emotions when waking.
There are times when I wake up laughing, or crying, or even jolting up in fear. I find it amazing how the brain constructs fantastic narratives to make all the elements in a dream fit together in a way that can elicit such deep feelings.
A third of our life is spent sleeping, and it’d be a waste to let that portion of our life be forgotten and unused.

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Let’s Catch Up

You feel like a parrot every time you say “Time Flies — especially as we get older”. You say it a lot because you notice it happening often. It becomes most apparent when there’s someone you haven’t heard from in a while, and all of a sudden it’s time to catch up… but there really is no way to cram months (or sometimes even years) of important events into a short conversation.

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