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Dreams of Dreams

I love dreaming. Especially when the dream is so intense that there are residual emotions when waking.
There are times when I wake up laughing, or crying, or even jolting up in fear. I find it amazing how the brain constructs fantastic narratives to make all the elements in a dream fit together in a way that can elicit such deep feelings.
A third of our life is spent sleeping, and it’d be a waste to let that portion of our life be forgotten and unused.

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Let’s Catch Up

You feel like a parrot every time you say “Time Flies — especially as we get older”. You say it a lot because you notice it happening often. It becomes most apparent when there’s someone you haven’t heard from in a while, and all of a sudden it’s time to catch up… but there really is no way to cram months (or sometimes even years) of important events into a short conversation.

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