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“I was truly in a scary place. Seeing the same scene, doing nothing, and producing nothing… every single day. It was killing me faster and faster. I had no direction, no motivation, no power, or life. It took a toll not only within me, but with the people that had to support and “deal” with me…  Building a routine, discipline, and a mindset were the biggest taking points… A new mindset was necessary in order to face today’s struggles. I now look back at all the successes and growth I have experienced in such a short amount of time… [this] saved my life, literally.”


Francis S., New Jersey, United States

” I felt that I had very little [control] and that to a large degree, I believed people were either born with natural inborn qualities or external resources, or they weren’t, and that played a huge role of what kind of person they could become in life… I’ve learned that we have a substantial amount of power and control over our life, much more than the majority of society believes or is made to believe… I’ve also learned to expend continual effort for self improvement and self growth and second, refining skills that aid in reaching goals...I’m thankful for what Stephen shared, awe-inspired by the power that the knowledge contained, and motivated to have gained knowledge that would enable me to achieve my goals.” 


Yarza W., Boston, MA, USA


  • Learn how to control your time to have the power to do great things
  • Timing, maturity, details, and discipline — wisdom from 10 years of studying the psychology of power and control, and more than half a decade of lessons from special operations military aviation.
  • Be that person that comes to mind when people think of someone reliable and effective.