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“You’re helping people in a very special and powerful way. You’ve certainly helped me…I’ve taken time out to gain some perspective and spend time in discernment. I am doing law school for myself so that I have the power and authority in a certain capacity to help people. Most of all, it’s for me and no one else, like self empowerment. And I’ve decided, it’s certainly worth the struggle. :) Thank you, thank you for your encouragement!”


StephAnn F., Soujourner from Belize

“I was truly in a scary place. Seeing the same scene, doing nothing, and producing nothing… every single day. It was killing me faster and faster. I had no direction, no motivation, no power, or life. It took a toll not only within me, but with the people that had to support and “deal” with me…  Building a routine, discipline, and a mindset were the biggest taking points… A new mindset was necessary in order to face today’s struggles. I now look back at all the successes and growth I have experienced in such a short amount of time… [this] saved my life, literally.”


Francis S., New Jersey, United States


  • Learn how to control your time to have the power to do great things
  • Timing, maturity, details, and discipline — wisdom from 10 years of studying the psychology of power and control, and more than half a decade of lessons from special operations military aviation.
  • Be that person that comes to mind when people think of someone reliable and effective.