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We all could use a little more time. One of the biggest reasons people have for why they don’t do what they really want (ie Visit family, travel, start the first page of the book they’ve always meant to write) is that they “don’t have time.” I wanted to see how much extra time I could create. First, I figured out what were some…

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Doubtfire and the Philosopher’s Stone

On my flight back home last month, I re-watched What Dreams May Come. The last time I watched that movie was during its release back in 1998. I never really grasped the emotions of the overarching story but I remembered the wonderful scenes depicted. As a kid, those scenes resonated with me… and even though I always knew that…

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July Flame Grows Dim

All the best things happen in July. Good Music: Laura Veirs – July Flame (Gamper & Dadoni Remix) It’s my favorite month of the summer, and with very good reason. The first half of it was my vacation in the Philippines. I got to go surf and explore, catch up with old friends, meet up with new ones,…

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How to Not Get Married.

Do you have a good reason to get married? I was inspired to write this because I’ve grown weary, and with it conveniently written out, it will save me energy in the future. I don’t remember when it started, but marriage has been a constant topic of discussion between friends and I — specifically, why I…

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2014 Second Quarter Review

Time flies. It feels like I just wrote my review for the first quarter of this year. The second quarter encompassed the beginning and the end of my deployment to the Philippines. My travels to various islands in Mindanao and the different people I interacted with made me appreciate things I never really thought about. There is a…

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