If I write for any reason other than what is self-imposed, then it would probably be because it’s my destiny. Not that I deduced my way to that conclusion.. but I am making every every word I write the induction toward it.

I am but a single perspective in the world, yet a perspective with its worth in what you use it for. These are my words, and like all words of men, they can exist either as gold or shit. So I welcome you to El Dorado… or the best looking used toilet paper ever. Check out my blog.

Who am I? That isn’t a question any human in history ever answered with ease. For now, I’ll settle with: I am who I project to the world. The various persona in the minds of those around me and the ones in my own. My interests, my influence, the space I occupy; I am the convergence of all of these, growing yet slowly being forgotten all at once.

Learning about someone takes a level of discovery and engagement, so I’ll give you the liberty to do so:
Instagram: @slabit

And check out my publications:

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