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Hi! I’m Stephen.

Psychology, Philosophy, Game Theory, and the study of human nature have always been a passion of mine.  There is a strong appeal of those fields for people who want to improve themselves and consequently their lives. I curate the best relevant content I find in articles, books, and on the web. After learned concepts are applied to my own life, I share what works for me with my readers and love to hear their thoughts and suggestions.

There are a lot to discover each day and it excites me to share them all. We live in an era where we are so connected to one another digitally that we only do ourselves a disservice when we don’t manage the quality of that connection.

This is what this blog is about — to share experiences and add value to those who make self improvement a daily and lifelong objective, to appreciate the process and see it for the adventure that it is.

Stay updated on content, stories, and let’s begin our adventure now!

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