Hi! I’m Stephen. Through college I have always had a passion for Psychology, Philosophy, Game Theory, and the study of human nature.  I curate the best content I can find in articles, books, and on the web. After I apply concepts I learn to my own life, I then share what works with my readers.

There are a lot of exciting things I discover each day and I am excited to share it all. We live in an era where we are so connected to one another digitally that we only do ourselves a disservice when we don’t manage the quality of that connection.

A lot of people I work with have become more effective in their life and are able to truly enjoy the constant adventures that await them. An article I wrote that was published on elitedaily covers the basic building blocks of any life adventure — curiosity and exploration. Because we have a limit on our life resources (time, money, and mental energies) and there are a lot of uncertainties in life, curiosity and exploration can only take us so far.

This blog covers another basic building block at length — strategy.

Stay updated on amazing content and stories, and begin your adventure now!

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