A Post Riddled with Haikus

For This Holiday
A Post Riddled with Haikus
Please Submit Some, Friends

It’s National Haiku Poetry Day back in the United States, and I figured I’d make some haikus of my own. I’m fond of riddles, so my haikus will be just that. Let’s see if you can figure some of them out. ;)

Consumed to excite
By Ethiopian goat;
Bittersweet mornings

In the mud I play
In a shed the farmer slay
Seared to start your day

The bright sun within
The snow covered slopes without
Heat hardened river

The answer to all three is my breakfast (Didn’t include the guacamole lol). Alright that was the easy round. Let’s go for more of a challenge.

Rode a wave to hear
The song of an angel far
Box in hand she came

She heard of my days
Never spoke a single word
Yet she calmed my soul

Not a squeak from it
Intentional mimicry
His northwest arrow

If those were still to easy, let’s move away from tangibles.

Land on limerick
Let misshapen face act out
His answer has aches

Put your arm out, girl.
Gesturing to cast the spell

Follow me, don’t ask
Into a world we’ll create
Give me all, submit

Alright, that’s all for now. Would love to hear your answers. If you have some of your own, do share!

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